VOICE BThis section covers several topics including fan terminology, structure and assembly. A diagram on the upper shelf identifies the components of a folding fan which combines a pleated leaf and set of sticks. The terminology we use to describe the parts is by no means universally agreed and includes many French words which do not always translate satisfactorily. Monture, for example, is the term used to describe the sticks or frame supporting the pleated leaf. VOICE AOn the same shelf, you can see several pleated cardboard moulds. Like the craft of the dress pattern cutter, the production of the moulds is a complicated equation incorporating mathematics and geometry. An alternative pleating method is recorded in detail within the set of illustrations displayed on the back panel of this section.

To hear a description of the workshop activities illustrated on the back panel, press A.To learn more about the component parts of folding fans press B.To learn more about fan pleating press C


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The Fan Museum

The Fan Museum is the UK's only organisation of its kind, devoted entirely to the subject of fans and craft of fan making. Housed in two beautifully restored Georgian period townhouses, its collections number more than 7,000 objects dating from the 12th century to present day.


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