VOICE BIn the Far East both men and women continue to use fans but in the West, they no longer retain their popular status. And so, the once thriving craft of fan making, with centres of excellence in several European cities has, over time, diminished considerably. Where fans are still widely used and manufactured in quantity, as in Spain for example, designs generally echo the decorative traditions of the past. VOICE AThere are, however, a handful of creatives whose mission is to revive the market for top quality fans and bring innovation to contemporary fan making. Leading the field is Sylvain Le Guen, whose breath-taking fans are displayed in this section. Another name to look out for is the maison of Duvelleroy. Established in 1827, the house was relaunched in 2010 by two women passionate about fashion and fans.

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The Fan Museum

The Fan Museum is the UK's only organisation of its kind, devoted entirely to the subject of fans and craft of fan making. Housed in two beautifully restored Georgian period townhouses, its collections number more than 7,000 objects dating from the 12th century to present day.


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