25 American emergency house

After the devastations of 1914-’18 the battlefield looks like an arid moonscape. It is time for a slow reconstruction. The primitive post-war huts are replaced with nicer and more comfortable emergency accommodations. This original emergency accommodation of American origin was built in 1922 by the Plets family in Wevelgem. Emergency accommodation is not designed to last long. Still many of them stand the test of time, just like this one. Father Joseph Plets lived in it until 1978 and in 2013 the house was rebuilt and restored here. Before you go inside, notice that the façade is no longer original: the original façade was made of wooden boards and was lost due to grenade attacks during the Second World War. There are more traces of war damage: in the wooden interior walls and side panels you can see holes made by flying shrapnel.

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