10 Dugout Experience

You are about to go down into a dugout, a system of tunnels and rooms 8 meters’ underground. From 1917 on, increasingly more troops are gathered in Flanders and the environment is more and more destroyed. The troops have difficulty finding a suitable shelter close to the front line. That's why, from 1916 onwards, Brits start building deep dugouts. Our dugout is a life-size representation, similar to the shelter that the Brits built a few hundred meters from here, under the Zonnebeke church. Imagine spending days, sometimes even weeks or months in this dark underground labyrinth. You hear the noise coming from the front line a few kilometres away and feel the vibrations of bombardments when you put your hand on the wooden walls. Imagine the moist trickling down the walls, dirty men sitting close together, rats and lice and the smell of simple latrines. Not to mention the smell coming from the primitive operating room.

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